#9 The Power of Data

Data is a very important aspect when it comes to history. In fact, it comprises what history is all about; Information is either given in spoken words/text such as letters and books or numbers, such as data or counting books. Tidy data is very helpful to historians as it makes the initial data cleaning so much easier as one doesn’t have to start from scratch. It helps keep the information and exploration clean so that the analysis is clearer. You see how the information is structured. At the beginning of the semester, I didn’t know the difference between received, derived or metadata. Historians are able to ask when and where the data came from. With data, new assumptions can be made about the analyses that are gathered. Each data gives an insight into the topic being researched, leading to more facts known about that topic. I definitely would appreciate how the data is structured. I would like to know if my source is primary or secondary. With data collecting, it can lead to mass literacy as the United States holds millions of copies of data about our history and the world. Tidy data is basically looking at the first page of the encyclopedia and it is the table of contents. Data also allows you to either believe or question its results. This can help me as I can work on assignments and projects and am able to use the information given to me as the text and data have been sourced and checked. The internet makes it a possible way to learn about things you never thought to learn about before.

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