#1 The history of Freedom Suits

In Unrequited Toil, chapter 2 discusses the Walker vs Jennison Case. That case brought up how inconsistent the constitution was in regard to slavery and how people were enslaved in Massachusetts. This case was the first of many to go to the Supreme Court. In Virginia, enslaved people were able to gain their freedom by petitioning when an enslaver would fail to register the enslaved after a year of relocating. According to archives from the Library of Virginia, Jane Webb was an enslaved woman with an enslaver named Savage. She wasn’t lucky with her court case as using African American testimonies wouldn’t be used in court as her enslaver was of the superior race. These cases have continued to be drawn up throughout the years. An enslaved person by the name of Dred Scott, sued for his freedom as he claimed he had lived in a free state and territory. His case was different as the age of overturning the freedom suits was coming to an end. The history of freedom suits has elongated into the new laws in the present and the discrimination of Blacks in America.

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